As from Freud's statements on the insistence shown by Charcot on the deep observation of facts, an attempt is made at submitting some hypothesis on the subject, resulting from an Encounter of candidates from different institutions who met to work on Pychic Change.
According to Bion, the scientific fact is easily vulnerable and apt to be destroyed by mythical assumptions, which would be constant conjunctions. The latter are equivalent to "underlying facts", in the way of unobserved systems of beliefs to be found under each culture. Disarticulation represents catastrophic change, unavoidable as the result of rupture with a previous constant conjunction.
In quoting Poincaré it could be said that "a new result holds value when it contains and puts together elements known for a long time but which are nevertheless dispersed to the point of appearing to be foreign from one another and suddenly introduces order where disorder once reigned. ...This new fact does not only hold great value in itself but also grants, by itself, value to the old facts it relates".
Thus, somehow reverting a phrase found in a graffiti:

"Due to lack of interest
the future has been canceled"